Meet the Board

Rebecca Keegan

Board President

I grew up in Madras and I am a local downtown business/ property owner. I am a wife and mother of 5 children. I enjoy coaching and participating in community events and activities. I love most aspects of a small town community where you make connections with people on a daily basis. Most days I find myself going in a 100 different directions with family, business and community but I truly enjoy each aspect. I have been involved with the MDA from the beginning before we had a formal name such as the Madras Downtown Association. 

Holli Papasadora

In 2015 Holli Papasodora and her family took a road trip through Oregon searching for a new place to call home. They discovered Madras by accident, but knew they that it was a town with amazing potential so they settled in.

Holli is a community activist who enjoys bringing people together. She serves on the board of the Madras Saturday Market and was a founding member of the Madras Downtown Association.

Holli owns the Bohemian Peddler (locally made herbal self-care products) and works with her husband Vincent as co-owner and operator of Papasodora’s Food truck.

Royce Embanks

  • Madras resident for 22 years.
  • Married to Judy.
  • Current City Council member.
  • Partner at Studio on 5th.
  • Airport Commission Chairman.
  • Library Board.
  • Retired RN.

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Leah Guliasi

Leah Guliasi moved to Madras in 2015 as an AmeriCorps VISTA in Warm Springs. She had just completed her Masters degree in Community Development and Planning and was trying to decide what to do next. She currently works for the Warm Springs Community Action Team, where she helps artists promote their work, runs a matched savings program, writes grants, and manages QuickBooks for Tananáwit (an arts nonprofit). In 2019, Leah became a Divemaster and opened her own business, All Things Mermaid. Through her business, she assists with dive classes, teaches fitness classes, and knits mermaid blankets and sea creatures. Leah first got involved in MDA when the group started Downtown Park and Play because she had experience planning events and wanted to get more involved in community development in Madras.

Rhonda Geller Bourgo

My husband and I moved to Madras in 2017 to open Madras Grocery Outlet. I had been a stay at home mom before joining my husband in our business venture, successfully raising two daughters who now live in California. We lived in Madras for a short while in the 80’s and love being back in Central Oregon. I joined the Madras Downtown Association because I really want to see Madras grow as a community and see it’s downtown revitalized into something amazing. We have such a unique community, so diverse and culturally rich, and I would love for the rest of the state to come here and enjoy what we have to offer.

Rachel bare

Living in Jefferson county for the last 10+ years I have come to love Madras and only want to help it and see it succeed. For the last seven years I have been a real estate agent with Windermere and I’ve seen the ups and downs in Jefferson County. I’ve also seen the tremendous community that we have and truly desire to make our community great! I’m so excited to be a board member for the Madras downtown Association I’m excited for all of the good things to come for our city.