5th street co-op

5th Street Co-op

Welcome to 5th Street Co-op! Our store features a wide range of locally made products and Madras/Central Oregon souvenirs.

The shop is also home to the Madras Downtown Association Office and is the staging space for our downtown community events. Stop in for information about the downtown area and to pick up activity sheets during MDA sponsored events.

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As a local vendor, we appreciate your support in making the co-op a success. There is no contractual obligation for you, the vendor. However, in order to operate effectively, the co-op team asks vendors to adhere to the below Terms & Conditions.

Terms & conditions

Please read the following Terms & Conditions as you will need to agree to them when filling out the Vendor Application Form.

Sales, Pricing and Payment:

  • Products are sold on a consignment basis with few exceptions. A 30% consignment fee will be taken out of all sales, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • An additional fee of $5 per month is deducted from monthly sales for venders who are not MDA members. No fee is charged if no product is sold. This fee is waived if an annual MDA membership is purchased at the Business/Vendor level or above ($50).
  • Retail market prices are agreed upon by both the artisan and the Co-op Director.
  • Net30 payment system: Vendors receive payment by check for sold products on a monthly basis, paid in the last week of the following month (e.g., all sales in May are paid the last week of June). Payment may arrive after the last day of the month dependent on USPS delivery.

Product Priorities:

  • The Co-op gives priority to consumable & seasonally appropriate products. While we love all of our local artisan products, we want to keep the shop fresh & exciting with new products being introduced & swapped out throughout the year.
  • The Marketplace determines what products to sell by assessing how well that product meets our mission and values.
  • All products submitted must be handcrafted or grown by YOU. No resell items.
  • As a Co-op vendor, you are not guaranteed a permanent space within the market. The MDA reserves the right, at any given time, to decide to no longer sell your product and will kindly ask you to remove your product from the Marketplaceā€™s inventory.
  • We will make every effort to contact you if your product needs to be picked up. However, after multiple contact attempts have been made your product may be subject to donation or disposal if it is abandoned for more than 60 days. We do not have space for long term product storage.


  • Please drop off an inventory sheet with ALL deliveries. Products will not be placed in the Co-op without an inventory list so that we can add items to our system. The inventory list must include the name of each product, quantity, and retail price.
  • Vendors are encouraged to check their existing inventory on a regular basis and may stock inventory directly to the shelves as long as an inventory sheet is dropped off with the cashier. Please notify the cashier of any price changes or new items, they may ask that these items be kept back until they can be entered into the point of sale system.


  • 5th Street Co-op expects our vendors to be responsive to our calls or emails. In some cases, if you do not respond we may not be able to sell your product due to lack of information or low inventory. If the Manager does not hear back from you within a week, storage and display space for your product may be lost.
  • Active and involved vendors have the most success. Co-op staff will attempt to contact you when inventory is low, but we recommend calling or stopping by to check on inventory for a timelier account.
  • If you have questions pertaining to payment, please do not ask the cashier, as they may be a volunteer. Reserve all questions for the Co-op Director by emailing madrasdowntown@gmail.com

Please fill out the 5th Street Co-op Vendor Application form below.

Once you hit submit, you will be redirected to the inventory sheet.

Please print it off and bring it down to the 5th Street Co-op with your items.

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